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Tome's Newest Officers

Club Tome held its elections for the 2022-2023 school year. There were a lot of great candidates running for office.  To begin with, Rachael Allicock ran for President, Lanihya Frisby ran for Treasurer, Ginny Goodman and Annabelle Vickers both ran for Secretary, and Abby Hodges, Penny Goodman, and Kendall Robbins all ran for Hospitality Chairperson.  On October 26, our Club Tome members voted for the candidates who were best fit for the job.  When all the votes were counted the winning candidates were Rachael (President), Lanihya (Treasurer), Ginny (Secretary), and Abby and Penny (Hospitality Chairperson). Congratulations to our new Club Tome officers. They will do a great job leading our club.         

Racheal Allicock, President Lanihya Frisby, Treasurer Ginny Goodman, Secretary

Abby Hodges, Hosp. Chair Penny Goodman, Hosp. Chair
     Article by: Rachael Allicock


Halloween Tattoo

On October 31, 22, WES Club Tome held a Halloween tattoo fundraiser. A couple days before, club members made posters and prepared tattoos. The goal was to raise money for the school and the club sold $50 in tattoos. That morning, members collected the money and applied Halloween themed tattoos. All in all, Club Tome members spent about two hours on the fundraiser. It was a lot of fun for everyone.

Article by ~Kendall Robbins & Destiny Awa

Can Food Drive

Winston Elementary School hosted a Can Food Drive on October 31st-November l1th. The event was sponsored by Club Tome and the Beta Club.  The Winston Wildcats generously donated cans to assist families in need of food. The K-2 students collected 335 cans and the 3-5 students collected 182 cans for a total of 517 cans. The food donated was picked up by the Good Samaritan Center. Our clubs are proud of the school for coming together to give back to our community.

                                                       Article by ~Lanihya Frisby

                                                            Club Tome Treasurer

Fall Social

by: Abby Hodges & Penny Goodman

Club Tome had their first fall social on November 9th. We had such a great time! Club tome members were responsible for bringing their assigned items to the social. We ate food, and played fun games. Thanks to Kaisley, we got big bouncy balls as prizes. Also, Rachael brought balloons for a challenge. We played prize walk and hide and seek. We ate cookies, grapes, strawberries, candy corn, and much more. And our Hospitality Chair people decorated beautifully. 

Christmas Social

By: Abby Hodges

On December 14, we had a holiday social for Club Tome. To begin the social, we had a cookie decorating contest. Ginny won the star cookie, Avery’s Christmas tree won, Lanihya’s candy cane cookie won, and Rachael’s stocking cookie won. We also had to pick up candy canes with our own candy cane.  That was pretty tough.  Then we picked up cups with a balloon and stacked them.  The tastiest game was when we tasted candy bars and had to guess which ones we were eating.  In the end, the teams won a prize for the most to least points. This social had Instead the coaches bring the food and game items instead of the members.  We had a great time participating in all the  activities planned by the hospitality chairpeople. 

Tome Literacy Week

Feb. 6-10

What a week it was!  The Club Tome officers planned fun literacy activities for the school.  The activities included giving out “We Love to Read” tattoos, students wearing an outfit that represented their favorite type of book, making available bookmarks in the media center for all students, wearing a t-shirt that could be read by all, and an opportunity to receive free books.  Overall the week was fun and successful!





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